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Just giving a shout out for your audio. Some of it is a little over panned giving a strange sense of seperation between the ears. Thats all, Nice work!

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Really well done

I didnt expect much with the name squares..
But that was really impressive.
I think you should have at least gotten some daily award ;)
Went really well with the music and colors went well.. somehow :D

keep it up

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farfenwaffle responds:

yeah, a Better name would be good but I really don't have much more to work with than "squares"
but there are some good submissions out there. I think that i could have made a daily award if I could have successfully made it more entertaining.
keep up with the reviews! and keep on making music! I quite like the ones you have out

( I would review your music but I was banned from doing so!)

Mah Ears :(

Take a step back from your mic. Your clipping aka. being too loud for it. If you move back you will be fine. (its when the recording bar gotes into the red) = bad

i guess its animation is fine, though im not a huge fan of the concept.. just not to my taste

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This was fun, and challenging but not as hard as everyone makes it seem. Good game.

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Now wait a second

Dont listen to that guy! if you like dubstep, learn to do dubstep. Noone starts knowing how to do it. It takes patience and some learning.
Im not sure but with dubstep, to get the sound get a very loww bass sound that sustains, and you need to set it to gate along with a sine wave thats super low frequency (a division of the time signature) or a modulator if u have one, to gate the volume on the original low bass sound. this will give it the growing diminishing fluctuations

And if that is not right, dont gve up, im sure theres plenty of tutorials out there

No cellphone has the Bass for this.

Someone needs to hook a big kicker to their iphone.


It sounds like you are clipping all over the place (when the meter redlines and sound gets chopped and slashed up) Be more careful with your levels , bring the whole thing down if need be, and maybe compress some things to fit them in better if u want.
But the clipping leaves a lot of undesireable unclean artifacts. Thats all I haz to say :)
Thats definately the biggest issue this song has right now.

I want more time, so I can not only be interested in everything, but peruse it all too.

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